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The SAFE Act Suite

Banks are now required to have proof of loan origination training. Are you prepared? We can help.
New Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) language mandates loan origination training for depository institutions that are exempt from SAFE Act regulations. Digital University now offers the SAFE Act Suite, a catalog of 4 modules containing over 40 courses that include NMLS-approved content from our partner, TrainingPro.
The Four Modules:

1. Federal Laws and Regulations
2. General Mortgage Knowledge
3. Mortgage Loan Origination
4. Ethics in the Mortgage

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Regulatory compliance training does not have to be complicated. Despite the complex and changing regulatory environment in the financial services industry, Digital University is proficient at delivering solid, simplified, and smart training solutions. For over 15 years, financial institutions have protected their businesses, ensured accountability, prepared for audits and examinations, as well as supported the professional growth of their internal teams with Digital University’s smart approach to training. The Digital University course catalog includes over 300 course topics. Full access to the complete library offers the freedom and flexibility to expand or reduce the scale of an institution’s training program at any time. Minimize potential confusion or reluctance from your student group with Digital University’s user-friendly, engaging and time-sensitive online learning format. Choose from three packages that meet the needs of financial institutions of all sizes. Let Digital University be your online content provider, your full-service training solution, or a combination of both.

In addition to providing smart training solutions, Digital University takes pride in their long-term relationships with customers. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ educational expectations in a simplified, customizable and approachable manner. Let us show you how.

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