We focus on the most important feature of any training solution: content.
We offer direct access to resource materials covering all major federal regulations, and a Weekly Regulatory Update.
Our goal is to be the low-cost leader in our business.

About » Why Digital University?

Our Mission

Digital University is dedicated to providing high-quality continuing education and information resources delivered over the Internet. Courses and other features are specifically designed for financial professionals. Our goal is to be the low-cost leader in our business.

What Makes Digital University Different?

Digital University is on the leading edge of a new wave of advances in training technology. We are using state-of-the-art technology combined with tried-and-true training methodologies, pedagogy, and content. It is, first and foremost, content that sells our courses. However, we also use new technologies to make our courses easy to use, effective, and inexpensive.We are the most cost effective employee resource

Our primary focus is high-quality course content delivered cost effectively.

We provide two services to institutions in the financial services industry: a comprehensive staff training service and a corporate reference library. We encourage you to take advantage of all we have to offer.

Staff Training

Subscribers can receive unlimited access to all our courses covering over 230 topics. New courses are constantly added, and existing courses and exams are evaluated and updated regularly. Interactive learning tools, such as animation clips, puzzles, and self-tests enhance your experience. Our courses are well-tailored for all your training needs, from new hire training to refresher courses for experienced employees. The advantages and features of our courses are many:

  • Convenient, high-quality courseware
  • Cost-effective services & superb customer service
  • Easy to use website with curricula for various subjects and job functions
  • Professionally-written content filled with practical and relevant information
  • Self-paced material & opportunities for achievement feedback
  • Continually updated courses and news designed specifically for Internet delivery
  • Cutting-edge Learning Management System with unparalleled customization options

Information Resources

Let us be your corporate librarian for the vast resources of the Internet. We have designed several invaluable information resources to make finding the information you need easier, including: