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DigitalPlus LMSDigital University's PlusLMS, delivers the industry's newest and most advanced Learning Management System with complete customization for your institution. Our new PlusLMS integrates customer-requested features into a totally customizable service with a user-friendly design. With Digital University Plus and Pro levels, we have succeeded in offering the most advanced, intuitive software to help administrators manage and customize their training programs, and provide employees with a seamless training experience.

With Digital University Plus and Pro, you receive all the valuable benefits of the basic Digital University service and much more. It's impossible to list all the administrative features and personalized options available with our service. The table below provides an abbreviated comparison of our three subscription levels. 

Digital University Training Solutions

Features and Benefits Digital University Digital University Plus Digital University Pro
Unlimited access to more than 170 courses - annual flat fee with no add-ons      
Technical Support (Phone and Email)      
Complementary Walk-through      
Compliance Toolbox      
Weekly Regulatory Updates      
Easy print-out of course materials      
Course search by topic and key word      
Adjustable course text size      
Easy log-in      
High-quality course content      
Frequent course and test questions updates      
Forgotten password retrieval      
Visual graphics and diagrams      
Password protection      
Easy feedback sharing      
Examples and real-life scenarios      
Self-paced and convenient      
Exam Options
End-of-course Achievement Certificate      
Randomizing exam questions    
Frequency and limits on exams    
Pre-test feature    
Setting minimum passing score    
Curricula and Learning Plans Options
Setting custom curricula of classes    
Setting custom learning plans    
Group by location and department    
Establish curricula by job title    
Establish learning plans completion dates    
Integrate your own stand-alone proprietary courses    
New hire curriculum feature    
Curriculum delinquency report    
Permit employees to view curriculum    
Revise curriculum and learning plans as needs dictate    
Email notification of upcoming due dates    
Overall course usage by location or department    
Reports provided by specific time periods    
Download reports    
Student curriculum delinquency report    
Individual, location, or department reports    
List of registered students    
Instructor Led Training (ILT)
Student enrollment in ILT courses    
Instructor roster and gradebook features    
Unified reporting of ILT and eLearning    
Interactivity Options
Crossword puzzles      
Interactive essay questions      
Fill-in-the-blank learning aid      
Matching-type learning aid      
End-of-section self-test quizzes      
Links to useful websites      
Add supplemental material to any course    
Integrate your own stand-alone proprietary course or material    
Add supplemental events and assign them to users with learning plans    
Custom branding of site to your organization    
Your organization's logo on exam certificates.    
Custom help information and internal contact information throughout site    
Customized name and URL for your branded training system    
Editable welcome message seen with every employee login    
Publish proprietary courses, documents or exams, and add to your course catalog.    
Three customized product information courses covering your institution's products    

Custom Services for Pro subscribers

With Digital University Pro there are no limits to making your staff training experience fit your firm's needs. A cookie-cutter approach is not for us. In order to make your training as unique and seamless as possible, we allow you to customize your training program.

  • Include training results from non-DU programs
  • Add proprietary material to any or all courses
  • Integrate proprietary exams into our technology
  • Add proprietary courses to the course catalog
  • Custom branding of the entire service to your organization

Digital University Pro subscribers often incorporate in-house exams used for evaluation of training and certification programs. You may want to include an introductory course on your specific business, standard operating procedure, or new-hire process. Inform employees of firm-specific compliance matters or a company dress code. We can help add this material to our system (with exams, if you choose) to create a complete and integrated training plan for your employees. We can even add your own corporate logo and brand image to create a training site that is customized for your organization.

Digital University Pro™

With Digital University Pro you have unlimited access to The Digital University courses and features, the PlusLMS, and a long list of customization options for your institution. Digital University Pro™ features include:

Customized Product Information Courses

You can customize courses to include your specific product names, designs, pricing and processing details. Courses cover:
  • Checking accounts and other transaction products
  • Home purchases, refinances and mortgages
  • Retirement planning and saving

Branded Site

Customize your site by adding text, images, logos or artwork to our existing design template. You can:
  • Add your institution’s logo and name to every page of the site and student exam certificates
  • Provide custom help and internal contact information throughout
  • Include a customized name for your branded system, for example ABC institution
  • Create an editable welcome message seen by all employees

Personalized Courses and Exams

Build custom courses for your institution and we will publish them along side our online courses. Convert existing training presentations; turn your handbook into a course; or make product training available online. Enjoy the capability to:
  • Convert or develop course material, documents, training or exam content adapted into your online university
  • Have your custom course added to the course catalog specific to your institution
  • Include interactive content and links to internal resources
  • Access your customized, graded exams in administrator reports

Automated Email Notifications to Your Employees

Digital University Pro™ includes email notification to students on assigned classes and due date reminders.  An email alert may go out to your staff 15, 5 and 1 day before due date on assigned but uncompleted courses.  In addition, any new learning plan assignment may be accompanied by an email alert notice to those that are required to complete it.


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